But Seriously…

Just so you guys know that I actually do what I post about- and that I’m a real person, and not just throwing out some suggestions I found on pintrest/twitter/instagram etc…here’s a brief snap of what my Friday “Professional HW” looked like this week and what I was reading:


I use my gmail to organize all listservs, newsletters, blogs and articles I received or saw- and want to actually read. Continue reading

Professional Homework Habit

During graduate school I used to provide some serious side eye when a professor would insist that on top of assigned work, reading, projects and anything else we were juggling- that we should be scanning and reading up on current events and public health news. Now as a professional I know that staying up to date on my career field news and events is a must. However, life just doesn’t allow me to leisurely catch up on everything I wish I could (I mean, I have some serious Netflix binge watching to do). Continue reading

Abstracts. Journals. Proposals. Oh My!

Know what turns me on?

Abstract writing 😉

Who are we kidding? Nothing is worse than writing an abstract for a journal submission or project proposal . It’s stressful. Anxiety inducing. And no matter what, you never feel like it’s exactly how you would like it to be. Those 250 words (or whatever your limit is) are vital. So for those of you who still get panicky when you tackle your abstract- I’ve created a short visual guide to help in beginning to compose your abstract. It was tailored more towards those submitting project or program proposals but you can tweak it and adjust it to your needs. Enjoy and hopefully this helps!

Abstract Cheat Sheet!

Abstract Cheat Sheet!

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You’re Needed- But We Just Don’t Like You

the hills

Last month we learned that the FDA will be taking steps towards lifting the ban on blood donations from men who have sex with men (MSM). The ban has been in place since 1983 and denies any men who have had sex with other men, at any point, since 1977. You can read more about the FDA Ban here

When the announcement was made in December I was thrilled for the LGBQT community who has constantly fought this ban through the years, thrilled for public health, excited what for what this means for our blood banks, and happy that the FDA was removing the ban and getting rid of the discrimination. But there was, and still is, a snag in the ban lift.

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