Top 10 Public Health Podcasts

I’ve written before on the importance of Professional Homework and staying up to date on what’s going on in your line of work. This goes for everyone, not just those working in public health. Catching up on articles at the end of the week is one way to keep tabs on what’s going on, but another favorite of mine is to listen to podcasts.
Is it me or do podcasts have a reputation for being a little “old school”? Well, thanks to podcasts like Serial, podcasts are making a come back and dare we say it? Hip? Continue reading

Upcoming Public Health Events 2015


I’m always looking for events, talks, meetings and conferences to attend in our public health world. As I have mentioned in past posts, going to professional events provides an excellent opportunity to:
a. Learn about topics you’re interested in or would like to know more about
b. Show off your smarts! Participate and submit to events when you can- get your name out there
c. Meet people/Network Continue reading

Organizing Your Job Search

Everyone knows career/job searches are a pain in the a$$.
They’re exhausting, confusing, heartbreaking…I think you pretty much hit every emotion known to mankind when you’re on the job hunt.
One of the things I absolutely hate when I’ve been on the hunt, is the mess and disorganization that occurs. Random emails. Resume copies. Cover Letters everywhere. Job descriptions. All over the place, not matched up and of course when you do the get the call for an interview- you can’t find any info on the position, or what you sent in to them because it was an automated application.

Maybe I’m just obscenely messy and disorganized- but something tells me other people out there (you!), may enjoy some ideas or direction in organizing their job search. If you feel like you need some help getting your search going and looking like you actually know what you’re doing- Check out the suggestions below. Continue reading