Improving Your Health Communication Campaign

Health Communication
One of the fastest emerging and growing facets of the world of public health is health communication and promotion. With the world becoming more connected and with so many new ways of promoting and reaching out to target audiences, communication and promotion is becoming increasingly important and vital to the health world.
Aside from making attractive marketing material for a program, or an informational piece, the health promotion campaign needs a solid foundation and plan.
And I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that most of us already know that.

But where we sometimes struggle is how we go about creating that solid foundation and plan. Continue reading

Health Education Lesson Plans!

Health Education

I’ll never forget my first health education course in graduate school, and being given the task of creating a health lesson for a certain target audience, and suddenly being thrown into the world of writing lesson plans. Teachers deserve awards for those things. I’m not exactly sure what I thought teachers did to organize and create their lessons prior to this reality check but it was not nearly as in depth/challenging as it actually is.

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Checklist for Thinking and Acting Like a Public Health Professional


Hi, my name is Caitlin and I ‘m an over analyzer.
You name it, and I will give you seven different ways of doing something, probable outcomes, repercussions, impact assessments and so on.
Now for some people, this is not ideal. For some job professions this is not an ideal trait.
For the world of public health though – I find the ability to pick apart, put together, and reason possible situations to be a wonderful attribute.
Now some of you right now may be like “ehhh…” and giving a little unsure raised eyebrow look at me. Let me explain.
As public health professionals we have a certain way of thinking and acting. Continue reading

New Month, New Book?!

This is for the history and environmental health nerds out there.
A massive heat wave, Theodore Roosevelt, and NYC- what more could you want!?
Hot Time in the Old Town is written by Edward P. Kohn and covers both the early political beginnings of Theo (we’re on a first name basis here), and the ten day heat wave that struck New York in 1896, killing almost 1,500 people. Oh you’ve never heard of this massive natural disaster in the US? Well then, keep reading… Continue reading