Careers in Public Health

Public Health Career

I think we’re all guilty of going into our MPH/Public Health programs with the thought that we most definitely know what we want and will be doing for our careers. Chances are, that goal career or job is what drove us into the field in the first place. And that’s totally ok and awesome, and even better if today you’re working and doing what initially guided you to public health.
But I have a sneaky suspicion that a good chunk of you may be like me- and once in the field or in your program- you realized that there are careers and positions in public health that you had never heard of, never thought of, or never considered to be public health.
During grad school I likened myself to that dog from the movie Up, you know, the one with like a 7 second attention span?- “Hi, I really like biostats and epi and will be an epidemiologist when I grad- oh look! I can totally be a health communication specialist for a hospital! Sweet! That will be so – oh wait, did you know I can be a refugee coordinator, I’m totally doing that”. I’m not sure I’ve ever changed my mind so much in two years.
So maybe in order to help prevent so much career indecision (there is nothing wrong with it though!)- or to create more? I’ve compiled a list of some pretttttttty awesome jobs you can do with your MPH or public health degree to give you some ideas and maybe help you find something you never knew you could do.  –   Public health job positions    🙂


Checklist for Your Next Speech or Presentation

Speech checklistThe first time you have to give a presentation or speech on your own at a new job, or with a new program, can be straight up terrifying. Some of us are not fans of public speaking and that can make matters more complicated- but some of us are just not great at writing for an audience. Think about all the times you have sat in on a presentation or speech and the person speaking is obviously very comfortable speaking, but how they delivery, what they deliver, and what they do is horrendous or painful to endure.
We’ve all been there.
And I think at some point, we’ve all been that terrible presenter/speaker unfortunately. Continue reading

Bookworm Choice for April

Bookworm Power!

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that everyone knows about the pump handle and Dr. John Snow. No, Ned Stark’s bastard son didn’t become a physician in London in 1854 (Sorry for the bad joke, Game of Thrones anyone??). If you’ve never heard the legendary story of the cholera epidemic in the summer of 1854 in London that forever changed how health, science and cities are approached- and the man who would help prompt that change- then you better get googling. Because the story of John Snow and his removal of the pump handle is kind of like public health folklore/code word/password/cool kids club story. But seriously it is. Continue reading