Selling Yourself… The Professional Way

Ah, graduation season is upon us.

Some of us have already survived and moved on from grad school or undergrad, and others are still busy public healthing their little hearts out, or just about to not be human for finals week only to emerge with some sweet new letters added to the end of their names. Congrats by the way!

For a good chunk of graduates one big item that comes up is the “what comes next?” moment. Hundreds of thousands of students have just graduated and most are lookin’ for jobs or beginning their career. All competing. For jobs. That you want. Did I scare you a little right then? Sorry 🙂 but there’s a reason to that shock you just received.

Chances are you have an awesome and amazing resume- perfect. If you don’t, well, get on it. So what’s the next step? Emailing and sending that resume out to anyone and anywhere? Networking? Yes, those are good steps- buttttt…remember you’re competing. You need to show off how awesome you are and all the wonderful abilities and skills you can bring along if someone hires you. You need to market yourself. Think of yourself as a product.

I have a “Career Product Marketing Sheet” (we’ll just call it this for the sake of this post, I’ve never named it before haha) that I created a few years back while on the prowl for a new position. I use it to help guide and remind me that those who are “purchasing” and “shopping” for me and my “product/ability” see me in a different lens other than just my resume. Once you catch the initial interest, it is up to you. You need to prove why and how you will help those purchasing you achieve what they need/want.

You’re going to be selling yourself to organizations, companies, and hiring managers- so think like a marketer, and think of yourself as a product. Sell yourself as the awesome public health package you are!

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Book of the Month!

April 30th closed out World Immunization Week, and closed out April. This also meant that I needed to finish my monthly Public Health book- anddddd, I’m gonna be honest- that may have been a struggle this past month. It was a busy month for me personally, and the book I chose was hefty. Let me be clear though- hefty is not bad. Hefty, just implies that it wasn’t a quick read. Continue reading