7 Tips for Your Perfect Interview

7 Interview Tips

Getting called for an interview can be a catalyst for some emotions. I often go through some crazy moments right after hearing back from an organization.

The first obvious one is elation (“Yesss! Someone wants me to work with them!!!”), closely followed by some second guessing (“am I seriously qualified? Maybe I over sold my SPSS skills…”), maybe toss in some nervousness, and then some more excitement when I realize how awesome it is that someone wants me to interview for a position!

Everyone reacts to every situation differently. Duh. We all know that. But what is important to remember when you get called in for an interview is: They chose you. They believe that you can be a good employee and coworker. That confidence and reassurance is important to carry with you throughout your job search and into the interview process. I’m not saying that you need to walk in, guns blazin’, stunna shades on, and a full blown presentation on why you are so awesome at what you do. You just need to remember that you are supposed to be there, interviewing. They wanted you there. 

Prepping for your interview is the most important and crucial part of the interview process. Everyone has their own methods and organization- and some people are great just winging an interview (that is not me). To each their own! Personally, I feel the better and more thorough the prep- the more comfortable and confident I feel going into my interview, and that usually translates into a more promising meeting.

I’ve organized my interview prep process for you guys to check out and modify for your own use. As always; my way is not the only way- it’s just my way and what works for me! So check it out and see if any of my tips can help you in your next interview!

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