IMG_4863#NewYearNewMe season is about to hit the fan

Insert eyeroll.

Ok, that’s a little harsh.

Anyone who takes the time to reassess what they’ve got going on in their life, and what they would like to accomplish or work on in the coming year deserves some praise and encouragement.

(but can we please somehow do away with the phrase New Year, New Me??!!)

Last year I set some goals for myself to work on or address both professionally and personally. I feel..okay…with how it went. I know I could have worked on some of the tougher options a littttttttle more, but that just means I have a roll over into 2016.

Last year was the first year I took the time to really evaluate myself professionally and career(ally??- can we make that a word) wise. I felt that it was challenging and different to try and tackle and confront all that I needed to improve or wanted to try in 2015 to further myself in the public health field. It was kinda scary. Have you ever sat down and ripped yourself apart, trying to find all of your weaknesses as a potential candidate or employee- and then address how to strengthen those? No? Well you should. I learned an amazing amount about myself, and what I can bring to the table, and I’m sure you can too if you take it seriously and work on it over time.

My suggestion for everyone trying to improve some aspect of their life or public health career this year by setting some resolutions, is to address your career/professional life. Take a few days/weeks and build a plan. Look over some suggestions I’ve provided here: 2016 – and good luck!!