About Me

If you google the town I grew up in, this is what you get: “There is no mail delivery in Brookdale, though no home is more than 1.5 miles from the post office”. Good ol’ Brookdale, California. Population: Less than 2,000.

Side note: My name is Caitlin Meadows.
player_Meadows, Caitlin

I bounce around between Canada, the US, and the East and West Coasts. I have my M.P.H  and my B.A. in Anthropology from Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY.

I am a burrito connoisseur.

After my graduation, and during my initial career search, I realized that many of the new generation of public health professionals might be looking for their “different” and effective careers as well. Or maybe they are just looking for a new source that they can rely on for advice, job postings, organization spotlights, interviews, op-eds?

The Newfangled M.P.H. is just that- it’s someone or something that takes a different approach to our public health community and public health professionals. It’s interactive. As people involved in public health know, there is no median. It changes every day. And there is no specific definition for public health- everyone’s idea of public health is different. I am excited to create a space where new public health professionals or those interested in public health can come to learn, showcase and discuss the vast options that exist within public health.

*Any views expressed in the blog and blog posts on newfangledmpg.com are my opinions and do not reflect the opinions or beliefs of my employer*


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